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Are you making the most of your hardware? 


At Radian Digital we offer free, no-obligation reviews of warehouse and logistics systems.


We specialise in designing and developing software for your workforce and their unique workflow. Our goal when reviewing your systems is to identify cost-effective updates with the lowest barrier to greatly increase your team’s efficiency.


Benefits to your organisation:

  • Identify ways to streamline your workflows to cut costs and increase throughput.
  • Generate a long term roadmap with your goals and budget in mind.
  • We can work with your preferred hardware provider if you are needing to upgrade your hardware.

How the review works:

  1. Let us know what your organisation’s goals are for your systems.
  2. Show us what your current workflow is.
  3. We provide a no-obligation review with:
    • Short term “quick-win” strategies to meet current business goals,
    • A road map to future-proof and streamline your systems to meet long term business goals.
  4. If you see benefits in the strategies we have identified and would like to move forward, we can work with you to implement them or provide further scoping & design.

Review case study

Silver Fern Farms recognised that their processes were being slowed by using outdated hardware and software. They had approached the suppliers of their existing systems, but were told it would be a slow process to modernise. So they approached Radian Digital to help them find a way to cost effectively modernise and streamline their systems, without causing disruption to their business.


The problems they had with the existing system were:

  • Outdated scanners were slowing down processing times because barcodes had to be entered in one at a time.
  • The screens were small and relied on styluses, which made it difficult for workers to use with gloves on.
  • Restrictive deployment tool made it hard to adapt to handle new workflows.


After completing a review we identified a phased approach for quick efficiency gains that could buy them some time to modernise their hardware.

  • Phase 1: Involved updating their software that ran on existing hardware to improve deployment and use the latest scanning tools.

  • Phase 2: Once they were ready to upgrade the hardware, we were able to design and build a brand new modern app that could take advantage of a much bigger, better touch-enabled screen.


Having completed these phases Silver Fern Farms now have a future-proofed system. It’s easier to adapt & maintain, easier for workers to use, and has sped up their processing so they can get the product out the door faster.

Common outcomes of a review:

  • Your current systems work well already for your business goals and we recommend no action required.
  • Your current systems would benefit from software improvements to make better use of your hardware.
  • Your current systems do not meet your needs, and we can help you identify your requirements for new software & hardware to meet your business goals.

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