Honouring Atta Elayyan’s legacy with his rebrand from LWA to “Radian Digital”

by Mike Choeung

Rebuilding after the unthinkable


Today, Sunday 15 September marks six months since our world turned upside down. It is a poignant date for many in New Zealand and around the world affected by the Christchurch mosque shootings. Fifty-one men, women and children lost their lives that day in an evil act of hate and terrorism.

Amongst them was my co-founder, colleague and friend Atta Elayyan. He was an inspiring leader – full of energy, creativity and spirit. And, I can’t say that it hasn’t been a challenge trying to recover from the horror and bewilderment of his passing.

Atta and myself in the early days of Lazyworm.

Atta and I founded Lazyworm Apps nine years ago. He had the vision and passion for design, and I had the technical background. We worked really well together, feeding off each other’s strengths. Over the years we grew a strong and passionate team committed to creating apps with great user experience.

But when two becomes one unexpectedly and irrevocably, it leaves a big hole that’s hard to fill. A difficult disaster recovery situation with no textbook solutions.

Strong team, great success together, same passion and energy


For me and the team, what we had together was too special to just let it die with Atta and move on as if LWA never happened. This fire that we built is still burning and, as our recovery continues, our resolve to do what Atta would have wanted is strengthening.

Since March 15, we’ve had amazing support and encouragement from everyone – our customers, partners and the tight-knit Canterbury tech community. Of course, we’re still very close with Atta’s family and our stakeholders.

We all have our skills and strengths, and Atta’s was his incredible drive and enthusiasm. He left such a burning impression that it’s like he’s still here, motivating and racing with ideas. He would have wanted us to find the strength and courage to push on, and we feel we’d disappoint him if we didn’t.

Honouring Attas legacy with Radian Digital


Few know that, before he died, Atta was leading the creation of our new brand that we were about to launch. Everything was ready – the name, new logo, website.

Attas brand ideation process.

LWA Solutions emerged from our first venture Lazyworm Apps when we went into the mobile design and development space for the enterprise market. We grew fast with top brand customers including Microsoft, Trade Me, Aramex, Mediaworks, Silver Fern Farms and Ports of Auckland. And we continue to develop solutions in this space.

Before Atta’s sad death, we were actively doing a lot of R&D on new ideas and opportunities, including a new product offering in virtual reality. It is an exciting space, and we felt the three-letter acronym didn’t reflect where we wanted to be.

Atta came up with the “Radian” brand and we all loved it.

Since then we’ve thought long and hard about this rebrand and we’ve decided, for Atta, that we want to honour his legacy and carry out the rebrand he was spearheading. We worked on this as a team, and we owe it to Atta to see it through.

Heres our plan

For now, we’re focussing on our core strength – creating mobile applications with great user experiences that are a joy for the mobile workforce to use.

Our customers tell us they love our solutions and the resulting business benefits are pretty good too. Their employees are more engaged and empowered, processes are streamlined, and their customers are delighted with the improved service. So, we’re going to do more of what we do best.

A personality like Atta cannot be replaced, but the strength we still have is the same talented and passionate team. So we’re all stepping up to rebuild the company and take it forward.

Myself, Mike Choeung, and Designer, Blake Quartly, are now the main faces of the company. Our focus is to renew and rebuild relations with all our customers, partners and industry colleagues.

The team.

We’re extremely thankful to everyone for helping us through the last few months, and we know your ongoing support and encouragement will help us to succeed.

In a couple of weeks, on 1 October, we will be honouring Atta’s wishes and launching our new brand “Radian Digital”. You’ll find us at our new site https://radian.digital/.

We’ll also be stepping up our sales, marketing and social media efforts, so keep in touch. We’ll always welcome your feedback and support.

Atta, you will always be in our hearts and minds for your passion, energy, inspiration and determination. We will celebrate your legacy under the new brand Radian Digital and, with focus and strength, we will take the company forward.

Rest in peace. We will make you and your family proud.

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