silver fern farms

bespoke crm app

A bespoke iOS app that hooked in to their existing CRM back-end.

Silver Fern Farms export premium meat all over the world, producing 30% of New Zealand’s total lamb, beef, and venison.


For supermarkets that sell Silver Fern Farm meats, product displays are regularly reviewed and maintained by field staff. Previously, Silver Fern staff kept a record of their supermarket visits using the standard Dynamic CRM mobile app. While this out-of-the-box solution provided all the back-end requirements Silver Fern were looking for, users found the UI unintuitive and complained that simple tasks took too many steps to complete.


Having already invested in a strong infrastructure with Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM, we set out to provide Silver Fern Farms with a bespoke iOS app that hooked in to their existing CRM back-end. This would allow us to create a streamlined interface that was tailored to the requirements of Silver Fern’s field staff.

We moulded existing CRM functionality into a meaningful user flow.

Designing a custom experience to enhance usability

The first step of the design process involves creating low fidelity wireframes to determine layout and functionality. With an understanding of the users’ objectives, we moulded existing CRM functionality into a meaningful user flow. The low fidelity designs focused on creating simple hierarchy and reducing the steps required to complete a task.

The interactive prototype gave a glimpse of exactly how the app would look and feel.

After the user flow and page layouts were confirmed, we moved on to high fidelity designs which we used to create a prototype of the app. The interactive prototype gave Silver Fern Farms a glimpse of exactly how the app would look and feel, but at a fraction of the development cost. Field staff destined to use the app were able to test the preview on their devices and give feedback. Any modification requests at this stage in the design phase were much easier to change than if they had surfaced during development.

Developing a native iOS app meant we could add custom functionality.

Choosing to develop a native iOS app meant we could add custom functionality that the standard CRM app lacked. The addition of photo capture introduced a fast and simple way to record details about supermarket displays, previously unavailable in the standard CRM app. We also integrated iOS navigation and calling functions so that users could easily locate and contact stores.

The finished app employed native iOS design guidelines to deliver a familiar experience to users. By seeking user feedback throughout the design process, we were able to create a streamlined UI that was tailored to the field staff’s requirements, greatly increasing their productivity.


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