tranzit coachlines

custom mobile app

Their fleet management once relied on phone calls and paper checklists.

Tranzit is a family owned and operated coach company with over 1000 vehicles throughout New Zealand. The management of their Coachlines fleet once relied on phone calls and paper checklists. To streamline their operations, Tranzit engaged with us to digitise their processes with a BYOD mobile app.

The staged design process allowed for the business and end users to shape the direction of the custom application. Each level of fidelity focused on different areas of feedback. This ensured a final solution that was simple for drivers and met all the business requirements. The finalised high fidelity designs were tailored to native iOS & Android themes, and incorporated Tranzit’s branding guidelines.

The BYOD solution was designed to feel familiar and easy to use on driver’s personal devices. It increased their productivity by eliminating phone calls to the depot and incorporating their safety checklist digitally.

Increased productivity, better visibility.

Digitisation also gave Tranzit better visibility into the status of a given journey. The app records when a journey starts and ends so that the depot can check on the location of their fleet and passengers.

Tranzit future-proofed their Coachlines with a solution that could expand alongside their growing business. The final cross-platform app was well received by drivers and successfully streamlined Tranzit’s processes.

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