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As New Zealand’s largest livestock processing and marketing company, Silver Fern Farms digitally processes enormous amounts of meat and livestock every day.


Silver Fern was in urgent need of software and hardware upgrades, but their existing solution was not easily adapted. We offered Silver Fern a road-map to migrate to the latest technologies and remove themselves from their restrictive third party solution.


Our first goal was to eliminate their reliance on outdated, restrictive deployment tools by rewriting their existing solution. We then got to work on migrating them to a solution customised for the latest infrared scanning hardware.


The transition to new devices with larger, more responsive screens running the latest mobile operating systems enabled us to deliver a solution that drastically sped up processing times and improve on the end user experience.


Addressing Urgent Pain Points & Cutting Costs

The existing third party software Silver Fern were using on their scanners was timely and costly to update, severely hindering their ability to adapt and improve. It also had ongoing subscription fees associated with it which proved costly.


Although the end goal was to transition Silver Fern to the latest hardware and software, addressing urgent pain points as quickly as possible was key.

Eliminating reliance on outdated, costly & restrictive 3rd party software was key

Field staff pain points were observed and addressed to improve end user experience


The first major milestone was delivering a custom software solution running on existing hardware that Silver Fern Farms would now own. The Windows CE rewrite was completed swiftly and major pain points Silver Fern Farm field staff and management faced were resolved.



Improving Productivity & Experience via Hardware & Software Advancements

For a company as large as Silver Fern Farms, the slightest time efficiencies can have an enormous impact. The biggest incentive of new hardware was the improved scanners on devices. Using a combination of camera and infrared, barcodes are able to be scanned much faster and on various angles and distances. In writing the new application, we leveraged this technology and allowed for multiple barcodes to be scanned in at once, meaning staff can perform a single sweeping movement rather than pausing to scan individual boxes.


User experience is a core part of our process in providing mobile solutions. By visiting the factory floors ourselves, we gathered insight into the real problems staff had to deal with on a daily basis. We leveraged the new hardware’s larger screen size by creating an interface that is usable by touch, even with gloves on, rather than the small styluses used on the previous devices.

We visited the factory floor several times to observe existing business processes

Gathering insight into the real problems staff experienced drove us to innovate


Overall, transitioning to the latest hardware and software meant we were be able to provide Silver Fern with much faster updates allowing them to rapidly adapt to change. Users are also able to access all sorts of utilities expected from smart devices such as email.


Moving forward, we will be able to provide further innovative features to give Silver Fern Farms the cutting edge of industry technology.

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