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AdDuplex is the largest cross promotion advertiser on the Windows platform, with over 10,000 apps using their service.


To help promote their clients’ apps further, AdDuplex wanted to create their own solution as a way to broadcast Windows 10 app news. Their idea was to provide a one stop shop for Windows 10 app news and recommendations.


AdDuplex came to us for the complete design and experience package. We crafted everything from logos and branding colour, to the final high fidelity designs. We worked closely with AdDuplex to create an entire brand for their app around a simple name.


As the app would be directed at users of the Windows 10 platform, of which is a multi-device operating system, it had to be completely universal. The challenge was to design a cohesive app that functioned seamlessly on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.


AppRaisin has been very successful within the Windows enthusiast community. AdDuplex were very pleased with the design direction and continued with regular updates and feature additions based on the comprehensive models.



A meaningful brand from one simple app name

AdDuplex proposed the name AppRaisin, and had a vision for a Windows 10 news app that Windows enthusiasts would love. From there, we explored colours and images relating to the concept, to create a relevant and interesting brand.



We gathered some fundamental windows ecosystem colours, along with colours from similar apps such as the windows store and other news apps. The intent being to bring familiarity to the app and initiate relevant thoughts at first glance. Logo concepts drew from the word raisin, the act of raising app news, and simple typography.



The final choice of a purple colour scheme was a nod to the literal meaning of raisin and added to the uniqueness of the brand, while the logo extrapolated on the concept of raising apps. Our extensive brainstorming resulted in a brand that stood out from the crowd, and played into the app’s name and function.



Creating a universal app to span many screen shapes and sizes

With AppRaisin being a place to post news regarding Windows 10 apps, it made sense that AppRaisin itself should leverage the Universal Windows platform. Universal apps are built on a single code base to run on phones, tablets, and desktops. This presented many design and development challenges.


Designing for all screen sizes to be alike yet tailored was essential for a quality experience

Incremental fidelity designs allowed for various concepts on a strict time budget


We used the Windows design guidelines and inspiration from similar applications to determine the best implementation of AdDuplex’s app idea across the variety of screen sizes. The main goal of our design process was to create an intuitive and simple app that functioned the same way no matter what Windows device a user might choose.



AppRaisin went live to the store without a hitch and quickly gained a large user base of readers who submit a steady flow of news daily. After the launch, we also worked with AppRaisin to bring a range of new features to the app in a highly frequent update cycle.


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